Corporate Data

Corporate Data




September 29, 1944


JPY 3,481,905,850

Head Office LocationLocation Map

6-12 Koamicho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima 730-0855
TEL 082-291-7411(Rep.)

Number of Employees

3,577 (as of April 2023)

Company Motto

A heart of truthfulness, a heart of honesty, a pure heart, a selfless heart

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Mission

As a general equipment engineering company, we contribute to the development of society through creating value added to everyday life and the business environment for our customers.

Business Mindset

  1. Obtain trust from customers and shareholders and become the company of choice.
  2. Be environmentally friendly while meeting strict quality standards.
  3. Improve and enhance technical capability in general.
  4. Be mindful of people and promote a working environment that is safe and energetic.
  5. Maintain a strong business foundation by securing orders and promoting efficient management.

Corporate Guidelines

  1. Establish trust with customers with one's whole heart, and always be aware of customer satisfaction and results when taking action.
  2. Be responsible and proactive when working, and aim for speedy decision making and accelerating business processes.
  3. Don't stick to conventional methods; always be flexible and have that spirit of challenge.
  4. Stick to social rules and be mindful of common sense in one's actions.

Environment Policy

Fundamental Philosophy

Chudenko is considerate of the earth's environment, and understands living with nature as an important theme in our business. Through employing our technological prowess as a general equipment engineering company, we contribute to creating a happier tomorrow and a healthy and comfortable environment.

Basic Policy

  1. Through establishing and operating an environment management system, we work towards continued environmental improvements and prevention of environmental pollution.
  2. We set our goals for environmental protection, and revise them periodically.
  3. We strive to reduce environmental load through actively undertaking energy conservation, resource conservation, waste reduction, and recycling.
  4. While we promote development of environment related technology, we also actively suggest products and construction work with less environmental impact.
  5. We abide with environmental laws, regulations, and agreements in our activities.
  6. We perform training to prepare for emergency situations and prevent such situations from happening.
  7. We raise employee mindfulness towards environmental protection through education and training.

Line of Business

Electric Work

  • Light/Outlet Equipment
  • Image/Sound/TV/Broadcast Equipment
  • Power Receiving/Transforming Equipment
  • Plant Equipment (Includes Instrumentation/Explosion Prevention Work)

Energy Related

  • Wind/Solar Power Generation System
  • Cogeneration System
  • Energy Saving Power System
  • Private Power Generation System

Distribution Line Work

  • Electric Line/Distribution Line/Leading Wire/Underground Line Work

Information Communication Equipment Work

  • Internet/Intranet Equipment
  • CATV/Community Wireless System/Telephone Equipment
  • LAN Equipment
  • Optical Communication Equipment
  • Mobile Communication Equipment
  • System Integration
  • Integrated Information Wiring
  • OA Floor Equipment

Air-conditioning/Plumbing Equipment Work

  • Air-conditioning/Cooling and Heating/Water Supply and Drainage/Sanitation/Environment Equipment
  • Clean Room System

Water Utility Work

  • Office/Household Water and Sewerage Facility
  • Industrial Water and Sewerage Facility

Environment Related

  • Recycle System
  • Heat Storage System

Disaster Prevention/Firefighting Equipment Work

  • Fire-alarm Equipment
  • Theft Monitoring/Alarm Equipment
  • Firefighting/Evacuation Guidance Equipment


  • Building Equipment Renewal
  • Housing Renovation

Pylon Work

Civil Engineering and Construction Work

  • Construction, Maintenance, and Repair of Roads and Architecture

Design/Production/Sales/Repair/Installation/Maintenance of Electric Equipment

  • Distribution Board/Supervisory Panel/Control Board/Power Source Equipment/Communication Device/Heavy Current Device/Various Measuring Devices/Others

Software Development

  • Planning/Development/Sales/Rental/Operation/Maintenance of Software and Information Processing System

Consulting/Maintenance Business

  • Energy Saving Diagnosis/Support Business
  • Disaster Prevention/Firefighting Equipment Inspection